"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" Article 1, UDHR

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Social Work Mission is a voluntary organization formed to work towards social empowerment  and community development using professional social work methods and principles. It took shape after a series of searches and discussions to identify and harmonise most ideal persons from diverse fields of social work practice. It is also, the culmination towards sustainable solutions to varying needs using social work methods. This organization is formed to bridge the gaps in the course of social development by
(1) filling the need of an agency to promote integrated delivery of professional social work services at grassroots level. (2) filling the need of an agency for promoting dedicated leadership from social scientists and social work practitioners.  (3) filling the need of an agency that prompts it's name  itself, synonymous to social work. (4)  filling the need of a secular agency having total inclusive agenda to unite all towards national  integration.  (5)  filling the need of an agency that  provides  job opportunities to  maximum number of social work practitioners.


  Professional social work is a multi disciplinary service that is youngest compared to other human service professions. Increased involvement of professional workers is needed at all levels to establish role of professional social workers in India, where professional social work is widely regarded synonymous to  social service, philanthropy and charity. Social Work Mission is formed to address these  anomalies.
The  Mission strongly believes that the scientific methods of professional social work can only make a society healthy and  modern. The Mission claims that the professional/scientific approach in social service can provide a complete solution for all problems in the society. The profession  can mobilize the people to protect their rights and  to remove all the divisive powers that hinder  their development and unity.The Mission  is such a  movementby  the trained social workers. 

Further, the Mission upholds the result oriented social service depicted in the proverb  quoted below;

  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish      and                
you feed him for a lifetime”.


------Office Bearers------



Addl.Labour Commissioner(Rtd)

Vice President

Adv.Rushda Muhammad


General Secretary


MSW,MA(Human Rights)


Sinu Thomas(Issac)

MA, MPhil- Development Studies, Research Scholar- in Career Guidance


Adv. K. Dev

Chef Health Education Officer (Rtd)




Community Integration & Development Project


Janasabha is a community integration and development project of Social Work Mission. It has three levels of system such as group of neighbourhood families
( AyalJanasabha) at bottom, the cluster of neighbourhood family groups/Residents' Association at middle, and the co-ordination committee of representatives
called Community Development Council, at upper level. Each Janasabha works as residents' association for the welfare of families and for the development of the
given area. Through Janasabha activities the Mission identifies and promotes Janasabha Volunteers and form their federation to coordinate Janasabha activities
from Panchayat level to national level.
1. Provide professional social work service to the Communities and assure Family Welfare and Community Integration & Development.
2. Organize Janasabha Units at Community levels.   3. Propagate the principles of Indian Constitution....